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As a natural biological reaction to skin damage, scar tissue forms. Most deep wounds will scar to some extent, and surgery, trauma, and cutaneous inflammatory processes can all result in distinct types of scarring. Removing scars for therapeutic purposes is not necessary as they do not pose any health risks. Yet, they can be uncomfortable, itchy, constricting, and have a major psychological impact. Which motivates patients to seek laser treatment for scars in Lahore, Pakistan. A growing body of research supports the effectiveness of laser and light-based technologies in treating many types of scars, such as keloids, hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars, and acne scars.

Using photothermal energy, the laser targets intra- and extra-cellular components inside the scar tissue to enhance color and promote neocollagenesis and dermal remodeling. The goal of these techniques is to lessen the look of scars. Any suffering they may cause emotionally, physically, or cosmetically. These techniques seldom fully eliminate a scar.


Medical professionals have been using a variety of lasers, including CO2, Nd: YAG, Pulse Dye, and Er: YAG laser treatment for scars for many years.

The physician selects 7 laser treatments for scars based on the degree of the scar and the patient’s skin type. Operates them by the selective photothermolysis principle. Recently, scar therapy using fractional photothermolysis using ablative and non-ablative fractionated lasers has become popular.

Lasers' Ablative And Non-Ablative Differences

The response is “it depends” in the instance of laser hair removal.

Your body’s specific skin or hair color, as well as your age and state of health, all have a role to play. Some fortunate individuals have just one or two treatments to get smooth, hair-free skin. Some people could need six to eight treatments spread out over a year.

The majority of people probably require multiple laser treatments for hair removal to achieve the desired outcomes. All studies, however, indicate that it varies based on your age. Overall health, skin type, and hair color.

Fractional Laser

The energy delivery method and target chromophore determine whether the laser is ablative or non-ablative. Whether it is delivered in a fractional or non-fractional manner. The differences between ablative and non-ablative lasers. As well as fractional and non-fractional delivery, are determined by the fundamental procedure of the target chromophore and how energy is delivered to the target area. The reason ablative lasers vaporize material off the skin’s surface is that they highly absorb water. Non-ablative lasers, in contrast, do not eliminate material. Since they do not cause vaporization in the tissue. Instead, they use dermal and epidermal heating to produce a controlled zone of thermal injury.

Scarring: What Causes It?

Delaying healing, for example, due to infection, can raise the risk of a buildup of connective fibrous tissue. Which increases the likelihood of scarring. Prolonged pulling or tension over a healing wound is a factor that may enhance inflammation and scar formation.

The amount of collagen present and how the collagen fibers are made determine. How to distinguish scar tissue from healthy skin. Healthy skin has elongated and neatly aligned collagen fibers. While scars have disorganized collagen fibers that are noticeably different from the surrounding tissue. As scars age, the body’s natural enzymes become more resistant to removing the tightly packed collagen fibers.

Several factors can affect the degree of scarring, including the size and depth of the incision. The blood flow to the area, the thickness and color of the skin, and the orientation of the scar. Age strongly influences scar development in an individual. For instance, younger skin appears overhead, leaving scars that are larger and darker than those on older skin. Also, the location of the wound on the body might affect how the scar looks, with the sternum being particularly vulnerable to scar development. This problem can be solved through laser treatment for acne scars.

Variety of Scars And Their Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

The best doctor for acne scars treatment providers frequently encounters atrophic, keloid, and hypertrophic scars. When treating patients. Acne scars are also typical and can appear in a variety of ways

Atrophic Scars

Wherever on the body, atrophic scars can appear as indented scars that heal below the usual layer of skin tissue. The scar may have pitted, depressed borders, and an asymmetrical shape. Scarring that is atrophic results from the skin’s inability to repair itself. With severe acne, chicken pox, surgery, or mishaps that result in underlying harm to the area. Atrophic scars frequently form. can be removed.

Keloid Scars

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Keloid scars, which develop outside the lines of the initial damage, Due to an overabundance of collagen at the injury site, are aberrant. They may have hyperpigmentation or are typically pink to purple.

In rare instances, additional scar tissue develops and hardens into smooth growth. Keloid scars frequently exceed the size of the initial wound. The anterior chest, shoulders, ear lobes, cheeks, and skin overlaying joints are the places where keloids typically develop.

Patients frequently experience discomfort, hyperesthesia, and itching. Although there are many treatment options for scars, treating keloid scars remains a difficult clinical conundrum for both patients. 

The best skin Specialist doctor in Lahore suggests that using silicone elastomer sheeting immediately loosens the skin with tape. Or administering corticosteroid injections can help prevent keloid formation. Cryotherapy may also be helpful, although it should only be used for minor lesions. Without one or more modalities, such as silicone elastomer sheeting, a non-invasive. But with time-consuming first-line laser treatments for scars in Lahore, Pakistan for keloids and hypertrophic scars, surgical excision of keloids can have a significant risk of recurrence.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars, which are typically elevated and dark in color, are distinct from keloid scars. In that, they do not extend beyond the margins of the wound, and someone did not widen them. For up to six months, they can keep getting thicker. Hypertrophic scars, in contrast to keloids, are smaller, and the color might change over time. After the heat and a physical insult to the reticular dermis, hypertrophic scarring develops. Using silicone elastomer sheeting, pressure dressings, or clothing can decrease the chance of developing hypertrophic scars, Similar to keloid scars, after surgery. This is particularly true in the case of burns.

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Acne Scars

Scars from acne fall under a different category. Ice pick, rolling, and boxcar scars are the three basic types of acne scars. Ice pick scars resemble tiny holes on the face where a sharp tool has pierced the skin’s surface. Creating very tiny, deep divots. We will see how we can do laser treatment for acne scars. Bands of scar tissue that develop beneath the skin cause rolling scars, giving the skin’s surface an uneven and rolling look. You can feel the skin sink. Boxcar scars are craters or depressions in the skin that are round or oval and have parallel sidewalls. The NHS does not provide therapy for acne scarring despite the emotional strain. It can cause because they consider it cosmetic surgery.

As a result, there is a huge demand for efficient care in private clinics. Scars from operations, trauma, burns, infections or diabetic wounds are some more types of particular scars. Combination scars, such as hypertrophied post-operative scars or keloid trauma wounds, are sometimes possible to come across.

Treating Scars with Laser treatments in Lahore, Pakistan

After selecting for yourself the best laser treatment near me in Lahore, Pakistan.

Here is the mechanism of the treatment:

 Selective photo-thermolysis is the concept that guides laser treatments for scars. Wherein an appropriate wavelength and pulse duration of a laser or light source is utilized to target the skin’s chromophores, namely water, melanin, and hemoglobin. This process actively targets and treats the affected areas, resulting in effective scar reduction. Usually, the goal of doing this is to cause heat damage to the target location while sparing the other tissues and structures.

Ablative erbium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Er: YAG) (1540 nm) and carbon dioxide (CO2) (10,600 nm) lasers.Which are used for scar therapy, target water as the chromophore. Due to their capacities to improve collagen production and smooth scar texture, CO2 and Er: YAG lasers are particularly effective in treating scars. However, patients’ best doctor for acne scars treatment should be aware of the possibility of significant downtime. Given that re-epithelialization usually requires 4 to 7 days with Er: YAG and 7 to 10 days with the CO2 laser. They typically result in a higher level of clinical improvement while causing more downtime than non-ablative lasers.

While ice-pick scars are more difficult to treat and may require additional resurfacing, and raised scars. Shallow boxcar scars benefit the most from laser resurfacing.

Intense Pulsed Light for Scar

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The researchers demonstrated that intense pulsed light (IPL) devices emitting noncoherent, Broadband pulsed light can effectively treat a variety of scars. The Theory of Selective Photo thermolysis states that IPL sources target hemoglobin and melanin chromophores. Making them a common laser treatment for scars option for vascular and pigmented lesions. They can therefore influence a scar’s vasculature and pigmentation to improve its look and/or any coexisting symptoms.

Over three years, researchers discovered that IPL treatment produced high patient satisfaction. Yielded the best outcomes when combined with other laser treatments for scars.

This study showed that intense pulsed light therapies are adaptable to practically all types of scars. Efficient in their treatment, and simple to integrate with other therapeutic modalities including silicone dressings and micro-needling.

Scar Prevention

A relatively recent idea gaining favor in the aesthetics industry is the use of laser treatment for scars to stop the development of scars. To improve final cosmesis, one can use either a CO2 or an Er: YAG laser to vaporize the wound margins before the main surgical closure. Alternatively, one can use a 585-nm PDL system to treat surgical sites and traumatic wounds. Or ulcerations to lessen the chance of scarring and prevent excessive scar formation

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The average laser treatment for acne scars costs between 10,000 and 30,000 Pakistani Rupees. The majority of insurance companies do not cover this cosmetic treatment. Individuals set their pricing rates. Because skin issues are so delicate, Fore laser treatment for acne scars costs. You shouldn’t trust a dermatologist who charges the lowest prices. So, it costs a lot of money to seem appealing and young. NOTE: CHANGE THE PRICE ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY’S RATE. Booking a consultation with our top dermatologists is extremely easy. You can contact us at 03-111-077-111 or Whatsapp: at +923117770915 to book a time with our best Dermatologist according to your availability and ease.

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As a natural biological reaction to skin damage, scar tissue forms. Most deep wounds will scar to some extent, and surgery, trauma, and cutaneous inflammatory processes can all result in distinct types of scarring. Removing scars for therapeutic purposes is not necessary as they do not pose any health risks. Yet, they can be uncomfortable, itchy, constricting, and have a major psychological impact. Which motivates patients to seek laser treatment for scars in Lahore, Pakistan. A growing body of research supports the effectiveness of laser and light-based technologies in treating many types of scars, such as keloids, hypertrophic scars, atrophic scars, and acne scars.


With the variety of modalities available for the laser treatment of scars. Practitioners can develop a treatment plan according to the needs of the patient, which may incorporate several different modalities. 

Combining conventional therapies such as silicone dressings and intralesional steroid injections with alternative modalities like laser and light sources can achieve the best outcomes.

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