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Skin Problems in Monsoon – How to Prevent Them

Some of the most common skin problems that frequently occur equally in both men and women during the rainy monsoon season include active acne, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat production), hyperactivity of sweat and oil glands, blockage of skin pores due to excess oil, fungal infection and many more.

In addition, due to decreased humidity levels in the atmosphere, most individuals suffer from milia and heat rash, especially when exposed to high temperatures suddenly. The immediate solution to handle such rash is to cool down the body with techniques like showering, rubbing ice cubes, applying cool soothing creams, mild steroids, and many more.

Moreover, many people feel rash and itching in monsoon, mainly due to the micro-organisms present in our sweat and the friction between our clothes and sensitive skin. That ultimately also leads to skin diseases like eczema or fungal infections, which need immediate treatment from a professional skin specialist.

In order to prevent and treat such Monsoon skin issues, one should take measures like showering daily, keeping the body neat and clean, taking good care of basic hygiene, applying Sun-blocks of a minimum of 30 SPF with UVA and UVB protection, using mild and gentle soaps, avoiding oil-removing face washes and body toners, and many more.

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