Protection Oily Skin Treatment in Lahore , Protection Oily Skin Treatment in Pakistan

What should be taken care of to protect the skin?

Oily Skin

What should be taken care of to protect the skin Oily skin can also cause problems if it is not properly protected. Therefore, this type of skin needs special care, due to excessive activity of the oil glands, oiliness spreads on the surface of the skin, which Acne, pimples, blackheads, and blemishes make the skin ugly. By protecting oily skin, you can keep your skin fresh and youthful. This is the type of skin that is not affected by the effects of aging and if it is properly cared for, this skin will stay fresh for a long time. The first step in skin care is to assess your skin’s condition. A tissue paper is needed to assess the smoothness of the skin.

Get up in the morning and do the tissue paper test first, take a separate tissue paper and press it on your forehead, cheek, nose, and chin, and rub it. Women with dry skin do not face problems in summer, but their skin becomes dull and rough in winter. A combination of honey, olive oil, and rose water is useful for keeping dry skin fresh and soft. Since normal skin is neither too oily nor hard, this type of skin does not require much effort. However, it also needs attention to maintain its beauty. Due to this, our skin is also dry. You must know that as the weather changes, so does our skin. The basic need of our life is water. Due to the lack of water in the body, not only do we suffer from dehydration, but many diseases can also be caused. It happens in the winter season that due to the cold outside, we reduce the water consumption which is harmful to us.

Drinking plenty of water is very important to compensate for dehydration and keep your skin hydrated. So you should use more water to refresh your skin in this season as well

Skin Protection :

If you’ve also noticed your skin changing with the seasons, it’s bound to be dry and rough. Skin protection in the winter season can be difficult but it is also necessary.
Women with normal skin should use rose water on their faces. Apart from this, mix dry milk and rose water and apply it to the face and neck. This will make the skin look shiny and fresh.
Choose a cleanser
Many cleansers contain a lot of chemicals. Which can harm our skin instead of protecting it. High chemical products and heavily scented products strip our skin of its natural oils.

So, while using any cleanser, make sure that it does not contain harsh chemicals.

Use of moisturizer :

In the winter season, our skin has less moisture and there are more chances of dryness, so it is essential to use a good moisturizer this season to maintain the moisture in the skin. When you wash your face, make sure to use a moisturizer immediately after.

Don’t forget to wash your hands and feet as their protection is also very important. Also, if you are suffering from eczema or any skin infection during the winter season, you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Face Mask :

Cleansing is very important to protect your skin. By using a face mask even in the cold season, you get attractive and beautiful skin. Depending on the winter season you can use these face packs that will retain moisture in your skin like

Take half a teaspoon of honey, and add an egg yolk to it. Then add a spoonful of dry powder to it to make a paste and wash off after 20 minutes of applying this pack to the mouth.

Those who have pimples and acne on their face should add egg white to one teaspoon of honey. Add one spoonful of curd to it. Apply it to your face and wash your face after 20 minutes.